Long range low power tracking and remote sensoring
Main program running on a Windows computer. The program receives wireless over Zigbee the information from the ground station. The ground station with antenna can be outdoors and the receiving monitor software running on a pc indoors. The information can locally been viewed by the Cosetec OpenGis application. The system can operate without the connection to Internet. If there is an Internet connection the information can be send to a central server. Now many authorized clients can view the information using an OpenGis application or Android Cosetec Gis application. The sensors do send air pressure very accurate (10 to 20 cm resolution depending off the type sensor) The pressure height is more accurate then the GPS Altitude information.
Groundstation receiver 
Search receiver
Android application
Auto tracking antenna. The antenna can lock on a selected target. The best reception is guaranteed and there is the possibility to determine the estimated location off the unit if there is no GPS position.